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Fotoboek Lost in Iceland | Mal og Menning (9789979534396)

  • ISBN / CODE: 9789979534396
  • Editie: 2008
  • Aantal blz.: 160
  • Auteur(s): Sigurgeir Sigurjonsson
  • Uitgever: Mal og Menning
  • Soort: Fotoboek
  • Taal: Engels
  • Beoordeling: 5,0 ★★★★★ (2 reviews) Schrijf een review
  • 56,95

    Dit artikel is (tijdelijk) niet leverbaar Dit artikel is (tijdelijk) niet leverbaar


Eén van IJsland's meest gerenomeerde fotografen heeft een schitterend fotoboek samengesteld van dit magische land. Mooie uitvoering, harde kaft.

Stunning colour photographs of the barren beauty of the Icelandic landscape. The sounds evoked by Sigurgeir
Sigurjonsson's photographs are the eternal sounds of nature - the sighing of the wind, the lapping of waves, the hissing of steam and the unchanging roar of a waterfall. In the elemental world of these pictures, man is largely absent. The brief initimate glimpses we are given of human life - a farmhouse kitchen, a man fishing, a family attending the lambing - only serve to underline the overwhelming emptiness of the Icelandic landscape. It is these very qualities of peace, quiet and solitude that many visitors are seeking when they come to iceland - one of the last places in Europe where you can lose yourself in a wilderness seemingly untouched by man.

Lost in Iceland is an astounding book presenting pictures of superb quality. Iceland is a truely unspoilt country whose breath-taking sceneries are among the most fasinating of the world. The book provides the reader with the opportunity to experience Iceland through the photos it contains. The landscapes are so vivid and magical. Not even the artist with the deepest of imagination could paint such astounding sceneries. Lost in Iceland allows the reader to look deeply into the sceneries of glaciers and mountains, rivers and waterfalls, rolling and rugged landscapes, gysers and hot water springs which are a marvel to the eye.
The book never tires you and contains information which will help anyone plan their holiday trip to Iceland, literally by following the map and the corresponding images and explanation of the different locations.

This book is a must for those who want a gilmpse at the silence and magic of Iceland.


Fantastisch mooi boek!

Echt geweldig mooi fotoboek. Je staat versteld van de pracht van IJsland en van de kwaliteit van de foto´s.

★★★★★ door Aukje 24 november 2016

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Lost in Icelamd

niets aan toe te voegen!

★★★★★ door Ton de boer 12 september 2012

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