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Vogelgids - Natuurgids The Nature of Alaska | Waterford Press (9781583552995)


America's last frontier is one of the great natural areas on earth. Alaska's rugged mountain ranges, lush forests, muskeg-bogs and open tundra are home to a rich array of wildlife including 105 species of mammals, 325 birds, hundreds of freshwater and saltwater fishes and thousands of trees, shrubs and wildflowers. This beautifully illustrated field guide highlights more than 325 familiar plants and animals and dozens of the state's outstanding natural attractions. It is an indispensable single reference for amateur naturalists, students and tourists alike.

Compact yet comprehensive, The Nature of Alaska takes novice naturalists through an easy-to-read basic explanation of species, field identification tips, the evolution of animals and plants, Alaska's geography, ecosystems and climate, before delving into more detailed species identification. Exhaustively researched, beautifully illustrated throughout and organized into color-coded sections, The Nature of Alaska highlights over 300 common and unique plants, animals, and the state's outstanding natural attractions. Each listing is accompanied by a detailed full-color drawing, the species' common and scientific name, its size, a simple description and an indication of its habitat. Brief comments provide more information on each species and assist in further identification. A section at the back of the book includes maps and descriptions of Alaska's various regions, and then listings of the major natural attractions within each of those regions. Hikes and scenic drives are also described, along with accompanying maps and tips - and a handy checklist at the very back allows enthusiasts to keep track of the species they have personally observed.