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Reisgids Mongolia - Nomad Empire of Eternal Blue Sky | Odyssey (9789622178083)

  • ISBN / CODE: 9789622178083
  • Editie: 2010
  • Aantal blz.: 536
  • Auteur(s): Carl Robinson
  • Uitgever: Odyssey
  • Soort: Reisgids
  • Taal: Engels
  • Beoordeling: ★★★★★ (2 reviews) Schrijf een review
  • 25,50

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Mongolia is a land of constant surprises. Renowned for its classic rolling steppe land -from where, in times past, nomadic Mongol clans and confederations swept out to conquer much of the known world - it also boasts snow-capped peaks towering over wide, grassy valleys, meandering rivers and great lakes, as well as badlands, dramatic gorges and mighty sand dunes rising from flat desert floors. Within these enormous vistas much of the old Mongolia can still be found, with herdsmen, horses and heart-warming hospitality wherever you go. But in its growing cities a new Mongolia is emerging, shaking loose from its Soviet-era shackles and making the most of a liberating free-market economy. This beautifully illustrated book provides a comprehensive and insightful guide to the diverse natural history and rich culture of 'The Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.'

“...Stunningly illustrated throughout, it mentions just one hotel and one restaurant. This book is about serious exploration...Robinson describes it all, reaching right out to the edges of the country where tourists are never seen. More importantly, he describes the people as he goes along, with a very good section on good Mongolian manners...this book is essential for planning a trip, or a perfect present for an armchair traveller. ...” - Royal Society for Asian Affairs (RSAA)
“...the magnificent Mongolia book...by far the most superior guide on the market...” - Lisa Choegyal, Tiger Mountain Trekking
“...With the panache of a practiced foreign correspondent, author Carl Robinson reels in friends and colleagues, including American Museum of Natural History paleontologist Mark Norrell and Smithsonian ethnographer William Fitzhugh, for short contributions on topics of interest for this much anticipated, comprehensive guide. No punter (he's based in Australia), Robinson doesn't just cover the highlights; he spent two months traveling 10,000 miles all over the country (the size of Alaska) with a driver and guide. A couple places in particular made a huge impression," he reported to us in a recent e-mail, "including the Great Eastern Steppe and the Volcanoes of Dariganga. Classic flat, the steppe includes the last untouched grasslands in the world, where if you're lucky, as we were, you'll witness tens of thousands of migrating white-tailed gazelles....” - Longitude Books
“...spread after spread of majestic colour photos, and a thorough, curiously successful mix of personal narrative, cultural primer, and literary excerpts. Great for pre-trip inspiration, and perfect bedside reading while snuggled up in your ger...” - Wanderlust
“...a guide rich in detail that truly distills the spirit of Asia's land of nomads...” - Real Travel Magazine
+ In-depth historical focus, from prehistory to post-Soviet freedom
+ In search of Genghis Khan
+ Mongolia's incredible natural diversity
+ Insightful analysis of Mongolia's different ethnic groups, cultures and traditions
+ Essays on adventure travel and mountaineering
+ Special sections on traditional crafts, music, customs, etiquette and seasonal celebrations - including the famous Nadaam festival
+ Visiting Mongolia in winter
+ Wide range of literary excerpts, from Natsagdorj to Roy Chapman Andrews
+ Dinosaurs and recent discoveries by the American Museum of Natural History



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